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Subtle Changes in Composition Make Better Photographs



Watching for the small details when making a photograph is essential.  Just the slightest shift can dramatically affect the impact of the picture.

Here's a good example.  I had been watching the light on this barn for quite a while, and as it got close to sunset I decided to make a few exposures.  What intrigued me was the light on the barn, and the wonderful cloud up above.  At first, my concern was for the framing left to right, as there was a road just outside of frame to the left.  And a new orange gate to the right that I felt would spoil the feel was the other consideration.  So my whole focus was on nailing the composition left and right.  Here's the result.



But after I made the exposure above, I realized there was an equally important element that had to be considered.  Take a look at the peak of the roof, and how it tangents the treeline.  Not good, because it is hard to look at two elements converting like that. 

So I made another exposure.  This time I watched the framing left to right, but really concentrated on having the peak break into the sky.  The result is the eye is drawn to the structure even more.



So when you are shooting, look for the little details.  Attention to them will bring great results.

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