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Setting up your camera Part IV

The next item in the camera menu to address is Color Space.  The camera will have a choice of two settings.  The first is sRGB, and the second is Abobe RGB.
Color space refers to abstract models for describing the way color can be rendered. Here is a detailed explanation if so want more information.
To keep it simple, though, Abobe RGB will render more colors than sRBB, and this is valuable depending on the way you are using the picture.  If all you do is post pictures to the web, sRGB is fine. However, shooting in Adobe RGB means you will have more and richer colors when you make prints.  Generally, it is a good strategy to shoot in Adobe RGB to have the better palette, and convert to sRBG if you are posting to the web.
Here is a photograph taken at City Park where subtle colors are retained in Adobe RGB, but would have been compromised in sRGB.


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