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Look for opportunities


 One of the key tips I give people is to take their time, and not just shoot the first thing that draws their attention.  Here's a good example of this.

I woke up early one morning on a beautiful ranch in Montana, and decided to shoot  the early morning light. I walked out into a field that had a wonderful foreground of grasses and a lovely butte in the background.  To me, the story was the scale of the situation, so I shot with a wide angle lens to incorporate a lot of sky.

I could have ended there, but instead walked off to the north where there was an incline to the land.  In just a few minutes, I found some evocative rock formations with brilliantly colored lichen.  Again, shooting with a wide angle lens to bring attention to the foreground, I was able to create an image that had much more depth, and texture than the original image.



Whether you are shooting landscapes, cityscapes, or portraits it's always a good idea to look for opportunities beyond the first stroke of inspiration.

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