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Photographing fall colors Part 2

Fall color photography in Colorado

As I mentioned in the previous post, scouting a location in advance gives you a terrific advantage in making great fall pictures.  For me, great photographs incorporate great light.  By figuring out the night before exactly where I wanted to put my camera, I saved a lot of stress about where I would get the best angle while the light was the most dramatic.

The second thing is to think about when that light will be at its best in your scene.  For that, I recommend taking along a compass or GPS unit with a built in compass.  I like the Garmin Oregon 450 for that purpose, and also for marking where the photograph was taken.

In this case, knowing the light was going to come over the ridge on the left and light the tops of the mountain peaks first also meant the aspen trees would be in shade.  And that's the key for me, and something to understand.  Most people think that color is at its best in sunlight.  But in reality, color is more saturated when it is lit by soft light.  Outdoors, that means either on overcast days, or when the subject is in open shade, as in this example.  It's certainly something to keep in mind when shooting fall color.



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