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Subtle color can make a great photograph

I'm always on the lookout for great color when I am shooting.  Sometimes it's that eye-popping color found on Latin American walls, sometimes on billboards in the U.S.  Other times, it's the subtle color on a cloudy day around water, where the eye strains to see the limited palette of blues and yellows.

Here's a spot I came across while driving from Nevada back to Salt Lake City yesterday afternoon.  By zooming in on the fenceline to keep the atmospheric haze to a minimum, I was able to keep the contrast pretty high in the foreground and less so as the eye travels back in space.

The point is, don't stop looking for images when the color is subtle.  Frequently, these can be wonderous surprises when you get back home.



Look for Color

There are so many ways to look at color. Of course there is the obvious scene bursting with vibrant, rich color like this image of an athlete.

But you also want to be on the lookout for times when color is subtle, even close to monochromatic. Here’s an example of how a foggy day can create soft, romantic light and a dramatic high key image. In fact, one of the best suggestions I can make to be grateful for rain, snow and fog. They create marvelous opportunities to capture color in unusual ways. Just be prepared to protect your equipment, and yourself, from the elements.