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Keep It Simple

It’s normal to want to take a picture of a beautiful scene you happen upon. You hop out of the car, and shoot a picture that takes in as much as you can see with your bare eyes. But most times, including too much hurts the composition because the viewer does not know what to focus on. Rather than having an immediate response to the image, the viewer’s eyes wander all over the frame trying to take it all in. Just look at this image to see what I mean.

The best solution is to simplify the number of elements in the image as in the image seen below. By driving a bit further, literally a few hundred yards, I found a spot where the elements were reduced to just four—sky, clouds, mountains and trees. The result is an image with more punch, and a stronger ability to hold the viewer's attention.


Look for Color

There are so many ways to look at color. Of course there is the obvious scene bursting with vibrant, rich color like this image of an athlete.

But you also want to be on the lookout for times when color is subtle, even close to monochromatic. Here’s an example of how a foggy day can create soft, romantic light and a dramatic high key image. In fact, one of the best suggestions I can make to be grateful for rain, snow and fog. They create marvelous opportunities to capture color in unusual ways. Just be prepared to protect your equipment, and yourself, from the elements.